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Ozturk Narenciye was founded in 2017. Ozturk Narenciye, concentrating on fruit and vegetable exports to Russian Federation and Belarus in the first year following establishment, gave importance.
Kapya Agriculture is a supply and marketing company doing business in fresh vegetable and fruit sector with its sector experience since 1980. While maintaining its efforts to provide customers a bette
Celikkayalar Shopping Centers, which started to serve as a medium-sized enterprise in 1989, has become the right address of 'Good Shopping' in the retail sector by offering the best quality products to its customers at the most reasonable price since its establishment. The company has completed 26 years in the sector and distinguished itself from its counterparts and has a privileged position for its customers with its reliable products, modern face and dynamic structure at Ahmet Ozcan, Binkonut, Bosnia, Old Garage, Conquest City, With its stores in the Basin, Hocacihan, Kilicarslan, Kilicarslan 2, Lalebahce, Selcuklu, Toki, Yaka and Yazir regions. Celikkayalar rewritten the rules of retail according to the dynamics of Konya, continues to grow with stable steps.
FERNAS was founded in 1982, leaving behind 36 years of projects. FERNAS Group of Companies invests in construction, energy, urban natural gas distribution, industry, mining, food and tourism in the Middle East, South Asia, Turkic Republics and Turkey. Following these investments, FERNAS has provided diverse job opportunities. Our Group, which continues its quality services nationally and internationally in every sector, strives to operate with maximum efficiency. Our aim is to further advance the company’s position among other leading companies. Fernas Food Inc, a branch of Fernas Group of Companies, operates in Batman/Turkey since 2014. The company mainly operates on 7.000 decares of orchards, 27.000 m2 of factory area in Batman Industrial Zone producing and storing high quality food products. The production system consists of; Cold Storage Warehouses where mostly fruits and vegetables are stored, Fruit Sorting and Grading, Concentrated Fruit Juice facility, Fruit Juice Facility ,Fruit Orchards and Agricultural Production.
Our company, who is a member of West Mediterranean Exporters Association (BAIB), is honoured and glad to maintain its services in the direction of its mission and vision values by renewing itself continuously on the road, which it took with the slogan of Neva, “a fresh breath of ait in freshness.
We provide our customers with high quality of service by supplying vegetables and fruits grown under the best conditions.